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Printer and Data Security

Printer Security is a requirement for any size business handling business and customer data.  Evaluating, monitoring, and protecting your system environment should be a top priority for any business or organization.

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Printer Intrusion Detection And Prevention - North Carolina

Intrusion prevention and detection

Prevent intrusions from transmitted data or directly to your printers and copiers.

  • Prevent malicious attacks
  • Block malware and spread of malware
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the printers and copiers

Device Detection

Verify, prevent authorized users and protect against harmful changes to printers.

  • Monitors and automatically prevent malicious malware
  • Auto-detect devices on the network
  • Security policy implementation and compliance
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Documnet And Data Protection - Copier - Printer

Document & data protection

Prevent transmission of critical data to unauthorized parties.

  • Prevent malicious attacks
  • Protection from unauthorized users
  • Protect and encrypt stored information
  • Delete using NIST & DoD approved data clearing and sanitization algorithms

Print Security Audit & Assemment

Print Security Audit and Assessment can help your business identify security vulnerabilities and provide implementation steps needed to protect critical data.

Our specialists can help you determine if a Print Security Audit and Assessment is right for your business or organization.

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